Varied Solutions for your project

Prestige Foundation Systems Pty Ltd are THE distributor in South Eastern Australia for Instant Foundations Pty Ltd steel screw piles, which are Australian made and can be designed specifically for your project if required

We have over 30 years experience in screw piling and underpinning. We are able to offer solutions to challenges posed by high moisture and aggressive soil profiles and the extremes in variable soil conditions across a range of sites.

We strive to offer you cost effective ways of delivering the most suitable foundation for your project, from a single screw

pile to a full commercial project. We have a range of excavators, from 700mm wide – for those tight access jobs – up to 23 tonne excavators. (larger if required).

We specialise in:

  • Residential & Commercial projects.
  • Steel screw piles to 700kN capacity
  • Low head room screw piles
  • Design & Construct Bored Piers
  • Bored piers from 150mm to 1650mm diameter.
  • Screw piles as an alternative to bored piers.
  • Specialist hard rock foundations to 200kN.
  • Core barrelling into rock to 1200mm diameter.
  • Limited site access capability to 700mm wide.